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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Please see below for our health and safety policy.

It is the policy of this Company to, so far as reasonably practicable, develop and implement an effective health and safety management system in order to secure a safe working environment, without risk to our employees or others who may be affected by our undertakings.
It is our intention to demonstrate a keen interest for the safety of all persons including.
Those employed by the company.
Any self-employed person who may come under the supervision of the Company.
Those persons delivering products to our sites or warehouses.
Our customers.
Any person who may be affected by the activities undertaken by us.
Risk Assessments shall be carried out for all work activities setting objectives for hazard reduction or elimination wherever possible and identifying the need for safe plant and work equipment and safe systems of work. Where this is not possible to eliminate, reduce or control the risk by other means, personal protective equipment shall be provided for persons or who are, or for the time being under our control.
We shall ensure that all persons carrying out duties on our behalf are competent to do so, where necessary, we shall provide training. Persons shall be encouraged to take part in discussions on matters affecting their personal wellbeing. They shall be informed of the Health & Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996.
We shall adopt the requirements of FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) in order to improve the safety of those who may be affected by our transport and movements of materials during deliveries to customers.
The Directors and Managers of Penlaw & Co Ltd, Penlaw North West Ltd and Penlaw Norfolk Ltd are committed to continuously developing and implementing the procedures contained within this document.
We shall encourage positive participation and involvement from all employees and contractors to promote safety standards and have appointed Akeva Safety Solutions Ltd as our Health and Safety Consultants to provide advice on all matters affecting the health, safety & welfare of all persons coming under our control and all others who may be affected by our undertaking.
We shall discipline those who fail to comply with their legal duties and by doing so, undermine the company's aims and objectives to ensure good safety procedures and practices. Those persons unwilling to comply will have their contract of employment terminated.
Where works are carried out on construction sites, it is our intention to assist in the duties placed on all duty holders appointed under The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 to comply with the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan and where required, be helpful in providing any relevant information to the project Health & Safety File.
It will be the responsibility of the Managing Director, Richard Gray, to ensure that all persons are aware of their individual responsibilities under this policy. Our Safety Consultants will, from time to time, audit the implementation of this Policy Statement.

Environmental Policy

Please see below for our environmental policy.

The Company has agreed that environmental matters are to be recognised as a Management responsibility, which shall be equal to that given to health and safety considerations. They recognise their responsibilities towards protecting and preserving the environment and will encourage all employees and persons associated with their business activities to adopt a similar approach.
The Company will comply with all appropriate legal requirements. In the absence of legislation, it will undertake activities in a manner consistent with industrial practices to meet the highest standards through implementation of this Policy and the procedures contained therein. In particular, the Company will endeavour to:
Pay close attention to the handling storage and transportation of substances or materials that may be hazardous to the environment.
Comply with the Principal Contractor's Site Waste Management Plan and provide all necessary information for inclusion in it throughout contracts.
Pay particular attention to hazardous or harmful emissions such as fumes, noise and dust whilst carrying out our undertakings.
Reduce, reuse or arrange for the careful disposal of wastes that may be produced during operations carried out by the Company.
Conserve energy through minimising consumption and maximising efficiency.
Continually develop an environmentally aware approach within the Company in order to play an important part in reducing the harm caused within the construction industry.
Promote a sense of responsibility towards the environment by management, staff and contractors whilst carrying out their daily duties on behalf of the Company.
Work alongside Clients and other contractors in fulfilling their legal obligations towards the environment.
Seek to establish a solid relationship and co-operate fully with the relevant Statutory Undertakers
i.e. Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Water Companies.

It is the duty of every Director, Manager and Supervisor to implement the requirements of this policy document. Every employee is required to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure compliance with the procedures laid out in this document.
The Health and Safety Consultants are responsible for reviewing this Policy and the Environmental Management Systems described therein and for carrying out any amendments with sufficient consultation with the Board of Directors. Subsequent amendments will be notified to all relevant employees by means of bulletins and toolbox talks.